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E9 & C6 Versions

New Pricing - ONE LOW PRICE for E9 and C6 tunings together.  $40. plus shipping and handling.

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glis·san·do: NOUN, music, "a continuous slide upward or downward between two notes"

It is very possible that your pedal and knee lever lettering system scheme is not the same as mine, which is the default for the program. You can easily configure to match what YOU use.

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Copedent Set-up

  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Intuitive

Copedent is a table used to describe the tuning and pedal arrangement on a pedal steel guitar. The term was coined by Tom Bradshaw in an early 1970s article in Guitar Player magazine. It is short for "ChOrd PEDal arrangemENT".

The Glissando Setup and "Virtual Guitar" module allows you to quickly and easily set up the program to reflect your actual copedent. Once you have programmed in the copedent (which takes about a minute), you can back it up. Then change the notes and levers as desired for your "Virtual Guitar', and see the impact of those changes on chord arrangements in the Neck View screens. Once you are done, simply click the restore copedent button, and your true, actual working copedent is instantly restored! 
In addition to backing up your copedent, you can have multiple configuration file names, which is done during the save process. You can configure a test setup, and when you go to save, choose the file name "Test Copedent One" or what ever descriptor. Then when you load the program again, it asks which file you want to load, so you load either your normal file, (which you would name the first time you save), or any of an unlimited number of configuration changes.