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E9 & C6 Versions

New Pricing - ONE LOW PRICE for E9 and C6 tunings together.  $40. plus shipping and handling.

"From Good, to Better, To Best, Play to Express"
glis·san·do: NOUN, music, "a continuous slide upward or downward between two notes"
The Glissando Pedal Steel ChordFinder and Scale Harmonizer Program ©, can show you instantly, and in a very visual and easy to interpret view, how to play 17 different chord types, in EVERY with some  2000 + inversions. But that's not all it can do. I developed a module that can take you through full scale harmonies, in 5 different types of scales. (Major, 3 Minors, and Augmented). Did you know that a complete C Natural Minor fully harmonized scale can be played on a single fret, in 3 different places, without ever moving the steel! We can show you how, and where!
And there are other tools also! Want to pick a few notes on your guitar and find out what chord that is? Use the Chord Detective. Need to know how to play a G# Phrygian-Dominant scale? I'm not sure why you would need to, but if you do, the Scale Reference tool is a mouse click away to provide that one,  and 406 others!
The key to being a good pedal steel guitarist is to know where all the chords and portions of chords are everywhere on the neck. This is the knowledge that lets you create fills, and use "That Thing, That Sound" to create those beautiful floating sounds that drift from one inversion into the other. It's what the Pedal Steel does, and using this program can teach you where hundreds of chord inversions are.  All for YOUR guitar, no matter HOW it is set up
Me in 2015, 39 years  later pickin with "Not Dead Yet"
 Note pedal steel, same one!

Chord Detective

Scale Reference Tool

Now.. it's NOT that I'm a Sho-Bud fan or anything....

Handpicked videos to guide the less experienced player